Infotainment Screen & Dash Clear Plastic


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I personally would not use Protectant Plus on a touch screen or my instrument cluster.  The Optimum product I would use is Opti-Clean, but make sure to spray it on your towel, and not on the surface, as you don't want to get any product inside either the electronics of the touchscreen, nor the enclosure for the instruments.  Be gentle as these surfaces can scratch easily and it can be REALLY annoying once that happens.  Use a good quality, clean microfiber, and flip it to a clean side often to prevent grinding any dirt or dust into the surface.

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Not sure why you question Protectant Plus on infotainment/instrument panels, Setec, I've used it for years with no problem.  Jhouse original post was for something that cleans and protects - Opti-Clean is a great cleaner and Opti-Seal an excellent protector, but PP does both.  I wouldn't use PP for windows or other glass, not designed for that, but its great on plastic (It's Dr G's favorite for exterior plastic as well). 

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