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So I installed Gloss Coat Friday night and let it cure over night. I topped it with Opti seal this morning, even after adding Opti seal my paint doesn't seem very slick, just really smooth. I did all the basic decontamination and paint correction and prepped the panel with paint prep. Does it take the full week to get slick or did I not apply it properly?


My car is silver and my garage lighting wasn't ideal for checking the cross-linking of the the coating after I applied it so I just waited 1-2 minutes after each panel was coated to wipe it off/level the coating. So areas towards the start of me applying gloss coat didn't probably get the full time needed, but I tried to go back over those areas after I was done.

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slickness is a characteristic of wax, not ceramic coatings (and as pointed out above, running your fingers over paint is not recommended).  If you need slick, try topping with Spray Wax or Instant Detailer.  Some other manufacturers promote slickness, but their coatings tend to be less durable - components that cause slick can interfere with durability - a trade off.

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Thanks for clearing up my misconceptions, I have always associated gloss with a level of paint slickness, but if the paint is glossy and offering great protection then who cares about slickness. I was just worried that I didn't apply it properly. I don't think I will hide the coating with some extra wax or sealant on top of it. I will just let Gloss Coat work as intended. 

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Gloss-Coat doesn't need wax or sealant to preform, but Optimum got tired of arguing that with customers (and are a for profit company), so we're good with topping it.  Wax/sealant can provide a sacrificial layer and potentially extend durability - plus adds some bling.

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