Agitating Optimum Power Clean on dirty panel?


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I would like to know, if I can agitate Power Clean safely on a dirty panel, without causing significant marring.

For example; On a car, dirty from a month of driving stubborn bug residue has accumulated (but no hard bug shells/bodies) on the front of the car. Can I just spray Power Clean and agitate (with The Rag Company Jersey Bug Scrubber)? Or should I firstly make a couple of passes with ONR and the BRS to get most of the dirt off? I don't really like Power Clean on top off ONR however, it seems to get too wet and difficuilt to remove when doing a pure rinseless wash. I currently like to remove OPC mostly with a dry MF towel, and follow up with an ONR wash.

I haven't tried Opti-Clean on bug residue yet, but that will definetely  be in my next order of OPT products!


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Depends on the type of dirt / contaminants.  For heavily soiled areas , it is always best to start with rinsing (ideally with a moderate amount of water pressure) to knock off most of the heavy dirt.  I usually don't rinse the entire vehicle just areas where there is visible dirt build up (typically front bumper, wheel arches, lower panels and backend for vans/suvs with square backend).  For general agitation of power clean  before performing ONR wash, I will use a good quality microfiber towel soaked in standard ONR dilution ratio.  I do not return this towel to my ONR bucket to avoid contaminating the ONR solution with PC.  The ONR solution provides additional lubrication over just PC in order to minimize chance of marring.  I like using the Minx (or Minx Royale) from The Rag Company as it is very soft and absorbent which makes it ideal for pulling dirt from panel in order to minimize marring.  I will typically do a full rinse afterwards to remove PC residue but you could still try your method of drying with microfiber to remove remaining PC.  When completing ONR wash if I notice any stubborn tar or bug guts remaining, I will pull out Jersey Bug Scrubber soaked in ONR and apply small spray of PC to surface of scrubber to attack that stubborn area.  I will go over again with ONR from BRS to flush area and dry as normal.

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i probably wouldn’t 

my general use for power clean on my car (that i wash weekly) is to go over the car with an ONR wash and spot treat any areas with power clean as needed 

if i had a very dirty car that i cared about (well i wouldn’t let it get that dirty to begin with 🙂), i would probably rinse, foam power clean, let sit 1-2 minutes, rinse again, pre spray with ONR, then proceed to ONR wash and spot treat any areas with power clean and agitation as needed 

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