Mdr in ik sprayer


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I am getting ready to set up to do my winter car washing here in toronto ontario.  Apparently we use about 350 lbs of salt per car on   our roads.  Was thinking of putting mdr and a little onr  and warm water in a sprayer to combat the salt build up as a pre soak ?

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I do recall on a podcast or other YouTube video that a mixture of ONR and MDR could be made as a pre-treatment and scale remover. (taking a 1gallon jug of Distilled water)  I believe it was....Add 1/2 oz of ONR, mix in the Gallon.  Then pour out a few oz of the mixture, and add in 2 or 4oz of MDR.  Shake and then spray on the car.  I also think you have to rinse it off before you do a standard ONR wash.

I tried to google it, but I can't find it anywhere. 

Perhaps someone else recalls the exact mixtures and process.

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Sorry for the 2nd reply. I found this on a reply to a question on the Facebook group "optimum car care"

Mix 6-8oz of MDR to a gallon of water.  Wash car with ONR 1st.  Apply MDR solution to car.  Agitate with an ONR soaked Towel.  Rinse and then Dry with a Optimum Drying Aide (Opti-seal, car wax, etc...)


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Thanks Ron  hope everything is good

Was looking for some magic soulution to spray on  my car lol as a pre soak  to help remove salt   (mdr and onr) maybe just good old onr  wash 

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