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I had ProPlus+ applied a year ago.  On my lift gate and overall rear of car I am having water spotting problems. On You tube there are videos but not relative to PP+ coated cars. I just purchased MDR but I also have M Wash, ONR, Hyper Seal and OPT Instant Detailer Gloss Enhancer.

How should I go about removing the spotting and follow up with protection.


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MDR would be your best bet, assuming average hard water and spots not baked on.  MDR will not damage ceramic coatings.  If that doesn't work, Wheel Cleaner (like Megiuars Hot Chrome) is the strongest cleaner and will not damage Opti-Coat Pro+ or clear coat.  After water spot removal, your best protection is Hyper Seal and always dry/remove water spots before they can harden.

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Just curious....perhaps a version of Hyper-Seal could be made available that promotes water sheeting rather than water beading?  That way the detailer could coat parts of a vehicle that are known to water spot the most  (rocker panels or parts exposed to water sprinklers): the mineral water simply flows off.  .  Apex Rehydra-Sheet is one such product, though to be fair it too beads water until there's enough water for the beads to link up and flow off en masse.

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