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Anyone tried the new gloss coat formula yet?   Installed the old formula topped with opti seal  a couple of weeks ago and so far impressed with the water beading.  Will be applying to another vehicle and noticed that some detail websites state that the formula has been updated.

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have to admit, I'm scratching my head - didn't know there was new formula Gloss-Coat!  With all the updated products, including some in the pipeline (hint hint), thought I  missed one, but no, there's no new formula for Gloss-Coat...yet

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I have found that some of these online detailing stores update their descriptions when a new formula comes out...and then never "un-update" them, so you can be looking years later and see a "new formula!" that was new 3 years ago.  Happened to me a few years ago, I might even have started a thread here about it.

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And it is a new version, several weeks ago Optimum introduced a New Formula Gloss-Coat.  It has added ceramic polymers providing greater scratch, UV, chemical resistance, along with increased release properties.  This is part of Dr Gs "always looking to improve" mantra...and the price I pay for not being at the office in Memphis!

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