Wheel specific coating vs clear-coat specific coating


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I want to coat my wheels.  There are myriad wheel-specific coatings available.  I have some gloss coat left over from my car I can use as well.

Does anyone know if there is a real difference between the various wheel-specific ceramic coatings vs the ones used on the clear-coat of the car?

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The main selling point I have seen from wheel specific coatings are to do with the amount of heat they can withstand without compromising it. I am no expert on coatings so I have no idea how much heat a paint ceramic coating can withstand and if extra heat resistance is actually needed, one for @Ron@Optimum to pass on to Dr G maybe?

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We used to have these discussions on another forum about the wheel-specific "waxes" and sealants.  To Ron's point, I have suggested unless you are driving your car on the track with red-hot brake rotors, I don't think your wheels get any hotter than a black car in the sun.  To me the wheel-specific products were just a marketing tactic to get you to buy another jar/bottle of product instead of using the one you already had.

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