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Chicago Auto Pros posted a Youtube today of "real world" products, their performance measured two weeks after application.  Optimum Opti-Seal was one of the products tested on the trunk lid of a black Lexus, alongside a Dr. Beasley's nano product.  The tester, Jason, commented that there "was nothing there" and indeed the trunk lid showed no hydrophobic properties from either product.  Jason went on to day the trunk lid had proved problematic for other coatings they tested.  

Is two weeks expected life for Optimum Opti-Seal on a black trunk lid during the summer?   For some reason CAP did not test older or newer version of Hyper-Seal. 

Sorry for poor quality image but forum limits are pretty tight.

Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 7.23.53 AM copy.jpg

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Been watching these for a while. Curious what is going on with that trunk lid. There seemed to be a user error with the products he used on the first test, he didn’t let them cure. Really not sure about the Optiseal apparent failure.

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