Intensive Polish can’t remove from trim


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I am having a very hard time removing some dried intensive polish off some textured trim on my new Honda. 
I didn’t tape off since I read it can be wiped off with ONR and am regretting that. I have not found this to be the case to be easily wiped off textured trim. 

I have used Power Clean in conjunction with magic eraser and toothbrush and that isn’t getting it all off.  I also tried wiping with paint prep. 

any other tips?


whatever chemical suggestions please make sure it will not damage gloss coat , as to rinse off the trim it will run down over the paintwork which already has the gloss coat applied. 


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It's best to wipe polishes off trim before they dry.  Be careful with the Magic Eraser as you don't want to scuff the trim.  If ONR or OPC with a toothbrush hasn't worked, and you've also used IPA (paint prep), do you have a pressure washer?  You need to be very careful with that but I would hope that would blast it off.

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I do have a pressure washer, I can try that. 

Or is this a case where using some more intensive polish on a foam hand pad could help and then wipe off immediately after applying more intensive polish? 

If I’m using Power Clean, what is a safe dilution to use as to not damage the Gloss Coat? 


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On 10/14/2021 at 6:43 PM, Setec Astronomy said:

I would use the OPC at 1:3 (product:water).  You don't have a picture you can post of the affected area, do you?

I spent another 45 min today with Power Clean and various brushes and this is what I ended up with.  Looks horrible.

I will carefully try the pressure washer tomorrow, I was hoping to avoid that.  Sorry pic is upside down, not sure why it’s doing that and no way to rotate pic on the forum


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That does look terrible.  Duragloss makes a product called Wax Eraser which is "formulated to easily remove wax and polish residue from textured and smooth surfaces".  It comes in a little shoe polish bottle with a foam applicator on the end.  It may have some different ingredients than what you've tried.

The Intensive Polish you used was the orange stuff?

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I spent another 45 min over the weekend using a white pencil eraser followed up by Paint Prep and I got it good enough for now.  

My bad I let it dry but what a disaster.  Everything I read was it wiped off with ONR, so I didn’t think to hurry on removing the wax and that turned into a massive PITA and waste of time. 

Yes the Intensive Polish is orange. It was purchased 9/2019 from the rag company 

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