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The following is from an Optimum customer:

I can recommend Optimum Paint Prep for another use, beyond its normal application.  It is excellent for removing residue and deposits on the inside of car windows.  Oftentimes these result from petroleum-based vapors and conventional window cleaners either are ineffective or leave streaks which have to be polished out and often return.  Optimum Paint Prep handles this problem easily and cleanly.

I have been testing Optimum Clear Coat Restorer as a coating for polycarbonate headlights which have lost their factory UV-protection after polishing; thus far, results are encouraging.

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I picked up a gallon of Paint Prep.  Really impressed with it.  As the customer above stated, it works VERY good on glass.  I cleaned a mirror we have inside the house with it and was blown away by it.  Wasn't expecting that.  I also tried it on the interior, and electric stove and it worked very well on that too. 

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After reading this I gotta say I tried Paint prep on my interior windshield to remove some hazing I had.

It removed it perfectly and now there isnt any hazing I can finally clearly see all the microfiber lint left behind and just about all the exterior windshield scratches I have  😂

tnx for the idea guys!

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