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Saw some Facebook posts from pro installers who've used Carpet & Fabric on leather and vinyl with great success, so I decided to test it myself.  Last weekend I was prepping my pontoon for winter storage and cleaning the vinyl seats.  Even though is spends the summer in a covered dock, it gets all manner of spider spots, bird crap, etc and if not cleaned weekly, the spots can bake in.  I've used Power Clean, ONR, and Marine 31, but they all require multiple applications and scrubbing.  Carpet & Fabric worked the best, spray let dwell, rinse off - spots dissolve easily.  Even though it contains protection, we then coated with Protectant Plus for the winter, our SOP.  One caveat - don't spray on metal, it leaves streaks that don't come off easily.  An earlier poster had the same issue with Power Clean, though I've never had that happen.  I haven't tried C&F on leather, but will test that next.

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I used it on a customer’s car recently. 10:1 with a horsehair brush, lathers nicely and I was able to do all 3 rows of her suburban with about 2-3 ounces of product at most.

I haven’t had a chance to try it on dashboards or door panels yet—but I do recall someone on the Facebook group saying it can be used as a gentle APC before going as aggressive as power clean. I know it also worked on my own rubber floor mats for cleaning so I assume vinyl and plastic surfaces should be just fine. 

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