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Hey all,

I would like to know what the maximum dwell time would be for T.A.R. on paint and exterior plastic surfaces. Is there a chance of damage occuring if I leave it on too long?

Reason I ask is I occasionaly detail vans that have pretty horrible sticker residue. I'm currently using Koch Chemie Eulex, cheap, very effective, but it causes me headache, sore throat and dry hands. It also takes too long when there's residue all over.

I can't find any info on this product, but do have some on order.

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I got some T.A.R. to try out, and it works very well! I added a white IK TR1 sprayer head on top right away. I've done a couple of vans that had glue all over. I added it to my wash routine at the end. After washing or claying the car. After washing a panel with ONR, I would inspect and spray T.A.R. on the glue and proceed to the next panel. Once I got round the car, I would start at the beginning and agitate all the glue with the Wheel and Body brush. That would shift it right away.

Afterwards a good rinse with a hot pressure washer and most of the glue was removed! Awesome results. Some residue remained one 1-2 vans but came off while polishing (which is too be avoided actually, causes some weird effects). It was suprisingly economical too use as well. I have done 5 vans and used about 100ml of product.

So it worked awesome! It works great on stickers as well, where it can be used in conjuction with a razor blade (See Optimum Training day 2/3 on Obsessed Garage YouTube channel) as lube. Even on interior glass it can be used to great effect, it's pretty easy to be completely removed without leaving any smears. This was a concern to me, since it's very oily.

I actually tried Koch Chemie EULEX the same way, by spraying it and rinsing afterwards. Worked great, but seemed to have caused white staining on the black vinyl trim. None of that with T.A.R.!

This may actually be my new favourite product from OPT (and that's saying something), since it's such an improvement health- and timewise. 

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excellent review - first time I used TAR (on new vehicle stickers), I didn't let it dwell and it was a struggle to remove glue.  The next time I let it work for 20 minutes and found it removed adhesives easily.  TAR is also good at removing brown spots on rubber and paint overspray.

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