Optimum Tire Shine Results


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I am almost, almost done with my bottle of Tire Shine so I can switch over to Opti-Bond.  I'm with A&J, I prefer more matte, plus Opti-Bond is completely non-greasy, which always boggles my mind.

Of course, on my other vehicle I have my ersatz Optimum Tire Coating (Gel Coat Restorer), which is crazy shiny when you put two coats on.  Jury still out on whether it dims down over time.

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Yeah the name doesn't lie haha! I don't like shiny tires either, but Tire Shine is so easy to apply and more consistent. With the white car, the Tire Shine had around 36hr indoors to soak in, and I actually loved the look on that particular car. Had a bit of a Wow-moment when I first saw it this morning, that's why I started this topic 😝.



And this one without close-up


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Yeah ok...that is kinda normal. It does depend on the weather circumstances a lot...for example I applied Carpro perl on over the weekend after a tyre and rims cleaning session and I gotta tell you that Perl only lasts 75km driven in one waterfall. Opti bond is the same...drive it in the rain and it disapears like its in a magician act 🤣

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