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It took me a long ass time to buy GPS after owning the entire Hyper collection + poli-seal.

GPS was the last piece that was missing in my collection and once I saw that my car stuff supplier put a 40% discount on it I pulled the trigger and bought it for a measly 15 euros 😜

Anyways...yesterday I took my time, washed the car with ONR, clayed with a clay towel and used a iron remover as a lubricant and then went into action and polished my "not so new anymore used car". Its white so it hides swirls well and I havent gotten around to remove them yet until now.

I used GPS on a mf cutting pad and on some areas a CG green hex logic pad. The polish was great...its nice to work with and by my estiment it removed around 65% of the swirls and cleaned up the paint really well. It left behind a really shinny and slick surface on its own. It actually made white paint reflect like glass which doesnt happen often. I did however later top it with Wowos crystal sealant just for the sake of it.

here are some pics






Great stuff from OPT once again 👍

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