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Gloss coat

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Gloss coat still going strong after a year through a Canadian winter in Ontario  Canada. Did a thorough decon wash  to revive the coating. The beading and sheating was flat on the lower  panels.   Did the following steps. 

foamed with optimum car wash-pressure rinsed  off

onr wash wit ubs

Sprayed opc on vehicle-agitated with dampened onr microfibre towel then rinse

applied iron remover then  agitated with a clay towel. Rinsed off

apply  mineral deposit remover with dampened onr  microfibre towel. Rinse

The beading and sheating have been fully restored!

Completed with onr wash with opti seal as a drying aid


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great results - hope others read this because I find myself recommending decons all the time to those who don't research before asking...

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