ONR bucket okay to get power clean in?

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recognizing the current popularity of foam (and selling wash products that do not foam - ONR), the newest Waterless Wash & Shine will foam.  I use Opti-Clean Waterless for standalone washing but also mostly as a pre-spray/spot cleaner.  I have a sample to try (full production is waiting for a component to be delivered) and will be curious how it works.  FYI, I added a small foamer to my Christmas List, will see how generous Santa feels...decided to at least try this new gimmick. The newest Waterless is rinseless, requiring only drying. I can't test under the same extreme winter conditions as Setec, living in a mild winter state (entirely by design).

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I kind of forgot that Opti-Clean was recommended as a pre-spray.  I'm sure I've done that in the past but it's been so long I don't really remember how it worked.  I've been lucky the last few years to not have huge salt messes on the cars or I've been able to wait until hose weather and do a conventional wash.

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