It all started with Optimum No Rinse


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I am late to the party on Optimum Polymer Technologies (OPT) the brand.  

I found OPT stemming from a water spotting issue I was experiencing when washing my personal black GMC in direct sun.

I found ONR & bought the 8oz bottle.  I am now able to wash my truck with no water spots.  It works very well.

I did have a technical question so I reached out to OPT, & to my surprise Dr. David contacted me to discuss my question.

Dr. David educated me on the strengths of the OPT line so on my next polish & coat I decided to use OPT products.  Specifically hyper polish, iron remover, prep spray, with gloss coat which we had discussed during our conversation. 

Like many of you I’ve used a number of product lines & ceramic coatings over the years & they all work but…

Turns out, OPT is a uniquely efficient system that achieves  jaw dropping results with a fraction of the effort of other ceramic coatings / lines I’ve used previously. 

This Camaro ( picture below) started08707CA0-DD94-44F1-9ECF-658424714B79.jpeg.f6c901f592c8a46d3a8872f630a740f7.jpegwith 94 GU on the gloss meter and after prep, polish, gloss coat, the actual gloss meter reading jumped to  104 GU, which a significant boost in gloss.

Highlighting stand up way Dr. David handles customer interactions / does business in general plus the fantastic finish achieved from using OPT products- I’m sold, I look forward to using OPT in the future.

And it all started with an 8oz bottle of Optimum No Rinse. 

Thanks again




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Welcome to the forum! Cool that you got to speak to the Dr. G!

Wow, I'm not really experienced with gloss meters, but 104 GU seems insane from what I've seen on YouTube. OPT is on another level compared to any other brand really. I couldn't achieve the same efficiency or results with any other brand. Every OPT product is basically awesome if you understand it and know how to use it.

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