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As everyone continues to release rinseless washes I had this thought. Every time a new product comes out someone says “this is it! It’s beaten ONR! For X reason!” Whether that be perceived slickness, cleaning, whatever. 

the funny thing is, if ONR has already been dethroned by various other products, why are not now comparing products to the new kings? If N914 was the new ONR why not compare Absolute to N914 and absolute to Feynlab and so on.

just a fan boy thought lol but I think it makes sense. Also I have heard no other product boast the safety of ONR. so safe if you pour the spent solution  into your grass the area will actually be richer. Personally I’m going to stick with a chemical that is *that* safe for me and the environment. Even if it’s “old tech”.  We don’t talk about safety enough in detailing. 

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I guess I could be considered a "fan boy", but my arrival to this company was more out of necessity. 


There are so many great brands, out there, who I'm sure either make good products or have then made. 


That being said, I haven't yet found a line that helps me as much as Optimum does. 


Specifically, ONR isn't just a staple in my detailing, it's so the first thing we reach for when we need to clean something around the house. I have all of the guys that work at my part time gig using it as a quick detailer, and general purpose cleaner. 


I haven't been interested in any of the latest offerings, simply because my process is so heavily leveraged in Optimum. Replacing the backbone seems Ike a recipe for disaster. 

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Hahaha that's a cool observation, you are right! I absolutely love ONR, but I guess it could be improved on slickness when drying, cleaning power and availabillity (at least here in Europe it seems to be a problem.).

But the thing is, you kind of want dedicated products to add those features. Most of the time, I don't need any more cleaning power than ONR for my (bi-)weekly wash! However, when needed, I can add a couple sprays of Power Clean on bugs or anything to add cleaning power, without rinsing. That will work better on bugs than any rinseless alone could.

ONR alone can sure be grabby when drying. I'm sure other rinseless do better, but it doesn't matter to me. For adding drying slickness I love to spray Car Wax or Opti-seal, which will likely provide more slickness than any 256:1 diluted product would be able to do.

And like you said, the safety and enviromental friendliness will be unmatched, ONR is king. Other companies won't have the same dedication or knowledge concerning those. I can also leave it in a bucket for a long time without it going murky. It smells great and feels great on my hands. It works awesome on glass, gloss black bits and interiors. I love how consistent it feels and works. I'm a fan boy too....

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