Self healing coatings?


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It appears a product emerged from SEMA, Revivify, that claims to be the opposite of most ceramic coatings: ultra thick, soft, designed to self heal from scratches, etc.

Its chemistry is hinted at being silicon based. Self healing (claimed to be limitless) is accomplished by heating the coating.

Snake oil? Glimmers of truth?  My understanding is most coatings including Optimum try to provide protection, in part, by being very hard.

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From Dr G - That’s the first time I have heard about Revivify. It says it is silicone based which is old technology and is a nano coating. Therefore it doesn’t bond to clearcoat like Opticoat does and most likely doesn’t have the durability and chemical resistance that opticoat has. We will know more how it performs in a couple of years. Thanks. 

From me - web site describes it as Si02 spray on with 6 months durability and "maintenance" product like Reload.

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