Which Version of ONR Are We On?

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Watched that video of Dr. G at MTE that was referred to in a dilution thread.  Dr. G stated he started developing ONR in 2005 and it was released in 2006.  He said the formula was revised in 2010, 2012, 2015, and 2021.  That would make the current version V.5.

I've been keeping track, and I thought we were on V.4.  I know I missed the first version (at that time my rinseless washing was restricted to winter and I was using up my QEW), but I bought my first bottle in August 2010 (when it was still in the translucent bottles).  Then I bought a small bottle of V.3 (first version in the transparent bottles) in 2012, and now V.4 in 2021.  Did I miss (and not count) the update in 2015?  Or was that one not publicly announced? 

While we're at it, I counted the 2021 revision of ONRWW to be V.2--is that right?  Now that I'm thinking about it, maybe back in the day (2015?) Chris might have mentioned a tweak to ONR and told the forum that ONRWW was not effected.

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On 3/31/2023 at 9:39 AM, Ron@Optimum said:

Setec, sorry I missed this post.  Optimum is currently on version 4 of ONR and version 2 of ONRWW.  There have been tweaks along the way that were not considered reformulations.  FYI, be ready for another announcement soon!

Awesome surprise! ONR version 5!

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