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Another new product designed to simplify cleaning, Interior Cleaner focuses the process for interior surfaces.  Optimum has prided itself that it's products performed multiple functions, improving efficiency and reducing the investment.  Those multi-functional products are still available, but OPT became aware that the general public gets confused by differing directions.  As opposed to Protectant Plus, Interior Cleaner is just that, an interior cleaner, and it's name leaves no question of it's purpose. On the other hand, Protectant Plus is a light cleaner the coats/conditions leather, is hydrophobic and has UV protection.

I tested Interior Cleaner on home leather furniture, spraying directly onto the surface and misting a quality microfiber towel (a soft bristled brush works as well).  I agitated the solution, then wiped any residue/dirt because like ONR, this product encapsulates dirt.  Interior Cleaner is definitely a stronger cleaner and has a slight Power Clean scent.  I could tell from the microfiber it was taking off more dirt.  I followed Interior Cleaner with Protectant Plus as a leather conditioner and spill protection.  FYI, PP has a much nicer fragrance. Interior Cleaner should replace any stronger cleaning product for leather, plastic, vinyl, fabric, etc.  Used in conjunction with Protectant Plus, Interior Cleaner will leave your car interior clean AND coated.  My wife stated she could tell the difference on the sofa, it looked and felt cleaner, no sticky spots or dull leather.

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They are very different products.  Carpet & Fabric is concentrated, normal dilution is 1:3.  Diluted 1:1, Carpet & Fabric strength is comparable to Interior Cleaner.  Other differences, Carpet & Fabric contains coating for protection and comes in different sizes (8 oz, 32 oz, Gal), Interior comes Ready to Use in 17 oz and gallons. Interior Cleaner is part of Optimum's strategy to provide RTU products with single functions for efficiency.  FYI, Interior is less expensive as well.

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