Waiting on my Order of ONR

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Well, I pushed buy and have ONR and some Optibond on the way. But I'm still a little anxious about it. One of my detailing gurus thinks it will mar the paint. I understand the concept but I guess I'll have to see how much faith I have and take a leap. I guess I'm fishing for a little reassurance. I've read all the how-tos over on autopia - poured over them in fact for the last couple of days.


Will it mar my paint? Is there a way I can do it wrong to have it do that?

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I have been using ONR almost exclusively, I have noticed no marring at all. I will often use ONR at the QD dilution and presoack the car then wash with 2 buckets and a Proline Grout sponge.

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one thing I have concluded in the last 6 months of using this and other 'unusual' wash processes, is that it is largely all in your head :)


If you have been immersed in the pre-wash/foam/2 bucket/rinse way of doing things for some time, then ONR tales a little getting used to. Rest assured that if you use normal care and caution, rinse your wash media after doing a small area etc etc then all will be fine. It takes a little learning to get your new technique sorted, but once you have done it a few times it will feel like second nature.


I recently demo'd ONR washing to a group of experienced detailers in the UK, where ONR has barely made any impact to date, and they were close to jumping me and wrestling the sponge and bucket from my hands, in an attempt to save my paint. They were shocked when the car was examined in FULL sun and there was zero marring despite being exclusively washed with ONR for months now.


I'd say good luck, but its not luck ;)

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