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To start off, every customer car that I've coated has not had an wife's ride I'm not too sure of. See pics below. My question is should the coating look better than this (beading)? I did hers back in September and it sits outside all the time. Two days ago I washed it (opt car soap) and during the rinse process, there was no beading, and it looked as if there was no protection whatsoever. I walk out today and the rain showed me much different (not the way OC normally looks, but better than what I've seen). Could it have just a nasty level of film on it? Maybe clay and then IPA to see if that removes a film? I'd do the IPA to remove any protection from the clay process that could give me a false positive. Opinions, advice, steps to corect this are all welcome. Thanks in advance.





Before the wash:









Two days after the the rain.





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I'd clay it and see what happens. This happened on my lower door panels and I asked Chris and he suggested the clay (Thank you Mr. Thomas! :) ) After I did it it was back to normal. All of the nasty grime from the road was inhibiting the beading. That doesn't effect protection at all but we all like to see the beads :) Seeing as your wife's ride sits outside I would think that this is could be the culprit. Just my .02

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