Post-Opti Coat Pro and 2.0 Application Precautions

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Hi. I've searched far and wide and would like some solid answers to these questions, please. It will be greatly appreciated.


Once Opti Coat Pro and/or 2.0 has been applied, at a high of 70 degrees F as a daily average, exactly how long (hours/days) does the coating need to 'cure' until it can get wet - by rain water or regular hose water?


To add to the previous question, how long does the Opti Coat Pro and 2.0 need to cure until it can be maintenance washed?


I've read Opti Coat Pro cures faster than 2.0, but would like some confirmed information here. Essentially, it rains a lot here and I need to drive my car but won't want to ruin the coating after it's freshly been applied.

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Hi Ron, I know all you folks have jobs to do there at Optimum, but these kinds of questions about coating prep/post come up all the time, and get answered piecemeal, and it's very difficult to find answers as they are spread all over the forum.


It would be nice if we could get a sticky thread for Opti-Coat 2.0, Opti-Lens, Opti-Glass, (and a post-application care thread for Opti-Coat Pro), that goes through prep, and post-application care.


Some of the questions that come up all the time:


What do I have to prep/clean the surface with after polishing?


How is the surface prep/clean different for Optimum polishes?


Can I prep/clean with ONR?


What is my window for recoating/second coat?


How long before it can get wet/be washed/be exposed to chemicals?


...and a lot of other ones I can't think of right now.


I'm thinking maybe someone at Optimum could start an "official" thread, and the original post can have info added as time goes on, but at least it would be a reference that would be in one place that people could refer to.

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I absolutely agree...unfortunately we are very busy (thank you) and just don't have the time to dedicate right now. Also, while I have decent product knowledge, I'm not an installer and think those with hands-on experience would be better explaining the technical stuff. I can tell you now the Spring MAY be here, OPT will get our new, state of the art showroom operating and will offer official Optimum Approved videos and realtime demonstrations on most products.

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Guest nstea

Chris (or any one else that can chime in),


I got opi coat pro plus applied today. There was no one in my city (who was autherized) so I had to go 100 mi up the road. I drove back less than 1 hr after the second coat was applied. On the freeway lots bugs got on the bumper...




1. Was less than an hour too soon to start driving at high way speeds

2. How long should I wait to was to get the bugs off?

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Guest macmac0531

Hi Chris,


Got my new car opticoated the same day i drove it out of the dealership. I left my car at the detailers for 2 days to properly cure. But when i got it back and did a thorough inspection in my garage i noticed a lot of small watermarks on the hood which seems to be under the opticoat. It never rained when i brought my car to their shop and when i took it home from them so i know it wasnt my fault. Now my question is


1. What's the best way to fix this? I called the detailer and he said bring it back but im now a bit afraid that they may cause more harm to the paintwork after the mistake that they did (if they caused the watermark due to insufficient prepping of the paint)


2. I opted the wheels to be opticoated as well but it feels slick compared to the body which is a bit tacky after being opticoated. Does this mean the wheels weren't opticoated?


3. Would you suggest getting it redone by a more highly recommended detailer that does opticoat? And can i claim it under the warranty?


Thanks in advance. Hope you can help me on this. I'm so full of regrets now coz i didn't go with the highly recommended detailer for the reason that he is far from my place.

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I never saw a post where Chris "put it all in one place" either. I will answer (better late than never) the post:


Any issues with Opti-Coat should be taken up with installer, they have a responsibility to fix or correct.

Different surfaces can feel different when coated - OCP in general does not feel slick (but OCP+ does)

Any warranty claim must be reviewed by the original installer, then if not satisfied contact Optimum for resolution

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