UV protection and Opticoat Pro


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I knew I had seen something by Mike Phillips about the UV protection from OCW -v- Coating and eventually found it


"Id' have to check with Dr. David Ghodoussi to know which of his paint products offer the most UV protection but believe it or not, I think it's Optimum Car Wax and not one of the coatings.

The coatings last the longest but I'm not sure is a material that last the longest due to how it bonds to the paint automatically means it also provides the most UV inhibitors?

I know I've asked him this in the past and my memory could be lacking on this topic but I seem to think I remember him saying OCW
" http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/ask-mike-phillips-your-detailing-questions/69963-uv-protection.html


And from Chris Thomas who is quoting Dr G ""The UV absorbers we use in the Optimum Car Wax are the same as those in the clearcoat paint...."" http://www.autogeekonline.net/forum/ask-mike-phillips-your-detailing-questions/53183-optimum-car-wax-uva-uvb-blocking-efficiency-duration.html


Which then begs the question are the UV filters in a coating better or more effective in some way than the factory paint protection?

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Lowejackson, I'm sure this can get very complicated--it's possible that the UV protection of the coatings (and I hope Opti-Lens) is even far superior to clearcoat...the problem is that even Opti-Coat Pro is only 5-10% the thickness of clearcoat, at the most. I have found OC 2.0, and even Opti-Lens, to be somewhat lacking at UV protection of headlights, and I'm sure it's primarily due to the coating being so thin. I usually do two coats, other users have suggested 3 (which I did recently, I'll see if that holds up better).


So it's certainly an interesting topic of discussion, and whether regular use of OCW would result in better protection than a coating due to being constantly replenished, or if it will permeate the coatings in the way it is supposed to permeate clearcoat (the UV inhibitor portion), or whether it's useless to put OCW on top of a coating...which sounds than like it would be useless to put on top of your clearcoat?

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So does Opti Seal contain any UV "protection" or not?


According to the Optimum marketing claims it does i.e. "Dirt, moisture, oil, and UV radiation are all sealed out of the paint to maintain optimum gloss", Anthony Orosco said "Opti-Seal is a sealant with UV absorbers" http://optimumforums.org/index.php?showtopic=618


Maybe there is some very technical difference between a UV filter, absorber or inhibitors which would explain Ron's comments. On a side note I have no idea if Poli-seal and GPS offer any UV protection and could not find any claims they do or do not

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I will check with DR G, but I suspect OCW does not improve the UV protection of Opti-Coat in any meaningful way. I think Lowejackson is correct in the technical difference between being a UV absorber and containing UV protection. Directly from David:


"The coatings provide much greater UV protection than Car Wax or No Rinse Wash & Wax. However, Opti-Seal does not have any UV protection."

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