ONR and fresly painted panels

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Hello all,


First post on here :) Been around many forums but decided to post here as it is an Optimum product.


I had a plan of coating my car but was unfortunately rear ended, and the impact moved the car quite a bit and caused me to shunt the car in front of me.

Here we are 3 weeks later and the polish and coat plan is on hold (for obvious reasons).

Apart from that it is around 110 degrees most of the time, making it a bit difficult to wash (2bm) the car these days.

I was planning on using ONR as a rinsless wash before the accident and making it the only way that I wash my car....

Now, can I use ONR if the car was recently painted? They painted the front bumper, rear bumper and rear trunk. I'm not sure if ONR has an wax in it - I remember reading it does.

P.S. This is the regular ONR (blue).

Thank you!

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There should be a few threads on here about this eg http://optimumforums.org/index.php?showtopic=2130 All of which say ONR is fine on fresh paint, the polymers should not interfere with the outgassing process. Just as an aside, you can polish fresh paint, the bodyshop will. The paint may well be soft so some extra care is needed

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Thank you guys. I was wondering about the polymers too as the product states the polymers bond to the surface to create that slick feel. As 3 panels are painted, I was a bit worried. Also, it was painted by the dealership body shop, so not sure on what products they use. I doubt they even know about cure time and such.


I park outside the house in 110 degree weather 24/7 so hopefully that helps in cure time and outgassing. I'm all the way in Dubai :D


Thank you all for clearing that its fine to use on fresh paint.

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