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If the marks are the ingrained rubber then it might work due to the acidic nature of MDR but I have not used this product so it is just a guess.  If the marks are scratches then MDR will do nothing as you will need a dedicated glass polish (cerium oxide) and a rayon polishing pad

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Wiper marks are either caused by

- road film sticking onto the glass,

- dust particles settling onto the wiper blades acting as abrasives and scratching the glass

- both!

Removing road film isnt a problem. Just clean the glass with car shampoo as you normally would. Spray on Power clean diluted 1:3 and clay using power clean as a clay lubricant and rinse&dry. I would also use a glass polish by hand or machine which will deep clean glass. OPT doesnt have a dedicated glass polish so look elsewhere but I have used Hyper polish on glass as a alternative. Works great. After that a lot of road film if not all will be removed.

Glass scratches are another story. They will have to be machine polished out like Lowejackson mentioned. Some sort of cerium oxide glass polish and rayon pads.


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