Official Curing Time Chart?

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I know this forum and many other places throughout the web have spoken about proper Curing times for the various protection products from Optimum.

I was hoping for a sticky thread where it will state proper curing times like for Gloss Coat, Opti Seal, Optimum Car Wax, Opti Lens, Opti Glass etc. 

For Gloss Coat I know that it can touch water in 1 hour, can be wash after 7 days with car soap, and no chemicals touching the gloss coat until at least 30 days. 

What about things like opti seal after gloss coat to protect it after application? I read many of Gus's posts where he says put opti seal 1 hour after gloss coat has been applied. Is this the official word from optimum? Or how long after Opti seal can Optimum Car Wax be applied? 

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What I have found it is the following

Gloss Coat - allow 1 hour in between coats.  Wait one hour to top it with opti-seal 

Opti Seal - Allow 90 minutes before topping it with Instant Detailer. 

OCW topped with Opti-seal or vice versa can be applied right away as Lowejackson mentioned. 

Opti Lens - Allow 1 hour before topping it with opti-seal

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Different installers recommend different wait times, but my standard suggestions are -

All Coatings may be topped 1 hour after application

In either order - OCW and OS are fine immediately

Opti-Seal - layering I've seen anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours, not sure about Instant Detailer but would think anywhere after 1 hour.

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