Hyper spray on spot pads


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The logical answer would be to use less. Spray closer to the pad so you dont get overspray (Dont ask why my polisher is all white) and dont pull the trigger all the way.  If it just "spits" onto the pad spread that polish with your finger through the entire pad.

In case of iBrids you can "spit" some polish on your finger and spread it onto the tiny pad.

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A&J, my Hyper spray bottle is also white at the top!  You must have a technique I have not found, I get can a dribble or full spray only.

No Soap, you are of course correct in smaller pads will get clogged up faster but OPT and most other suppliers warn against using too much product as it will reduce the effectiveness of the polishing.

The reason for asking was not that I have a product but thought it might be useful to someone in the future who is using these tiny pads

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