Glass Coating prep and application


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I know the instructions state to polish or use opti- eraser for prep, but will ONR and a clay bar/clay towel work followed by paint prep work as well? 

Also, do I need to mask off paint and trim in the surrounding areas  to prevent overlap or can it just be wiped off during the leveling the glass?

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If your glass is in good shape then a clay, prep and coat would work fine.  If you have some sort of previous layer of a glass sealant/coating then you would want to polish. 

No need to mask off any surrounding areas.  Spray onto the glass and spread.  If some gets onto another surface a simple wipe off will get it off before it starts to flash and cure.  I would recommend flushing out the sprayer after using the glass coating to prevent the sprayer from getting clogged. 

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Guz is correct in no need to mask, but one suggestion - don't spray directly onto glass.  We've found that Opti-Glass begins curing immediately and should be sprayed directly onto the pad and applied at once.  Delay can cause less than satisfactory bonding.

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I've always assumed that glass cleaners would typically contain at least a small amount of solvents - is that correct? If so, I suggest that the advice not to use solvents for 7 days be included right on the bottle.

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