Yvan get's some well deserved respect!

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Nothing to add (other than seconding the shout out to Yvan), I've use Power Clean at 100%, 1:3, and 1:5 for number of automotive AND household projects.  There are not only Power Clean spray bottles in my garage, but under my sink and on my pontoon - a "go to" APC!

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The wiping of an APC without rinsing seems to be a common technique, I assume the logic is a MF cloth would fully remove all the cleaner and therefore negates the need to rinse. 

What intrigued me about the video was the mention of using some OPC in the ONR bucket.  Speaking of OPC mixed with other products, here is a suggestion from Yvan

The Optimum leather protectant is a gereat product for protection, but fall short as a quick detailer of sorts. You can mix 50% OPP with 10% Power Clean, and 40% distilled water. To use the mix dilute 2oz of mixture into 1 quart(32oz) of water , soak a MF towel, ring out towel, then wipe down surface with towel and follow with dry towel. It's fast, efficient, and give a nice sheen to all plastic and leather surfaces  http://optimumforums.org/topic/782-quick-interior-detail-using-onr/?tab=comments#comment-5375


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