New Gloss-Coat not beading!


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Hi Everyone, first post here.

I recently ordered and received 20cc of Gloss-Coat which was ordered online from what I believe to be a reputable vendor.

I applied this coating to two vehicles a little over a week a go. One vehicle was a white 2017 GTI, and the other a black 2008 BMW X5. 
Both vehicles were decontaminated with Iron-X, clay barred, and polsihed with Hyper Polish that I already had from a year or so ago.  The BMW was compounded before the polish using Meguiars Ultimate Compound, the GTI did not require that step.
The paint was then wiped down twice with multiple new, clean microfiber towels and a 15% IPA mix. I made sure to be diligent especially with the BMW as I know Ultimate Compound has a lot of oils. 
The coating was then applied and allowed to flash till approximately 80% disappeared (which took about three minutes, and we used approximately 5-6cc on the GTI, and 8cc on the X5.
Both coatings have cured the full week, and have since been washed. One was washed with ONR, and the other washed with Meguiars soap. 
Neither car is beading or sheeting water as I believe it should. I dont believe I had any issues with my process but maybe I am mistaken? I did receive the coating packaged only in a Ziploc bag with the applicator and tip. I inquired to the vendor as It seemed odd, but I was assured that this is how it is shipped and that Optimum has always packaged Gloss-Coat this way. (Maybe someone else can confirm?)
Is it possible that the Gloss-Coat was old/gone bad? Possible frozen in shipping?
Any help would be appreciated. I spent quite a bit for this product and am quite disappointed. 
Alex Tinsley
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What Meguiar's soap are you using?  Sounds like it is Gold Class.  If it is then it has the potential to mask the properties of an LSP.  ONR won't bead on the surface.  It tends to sit flat.  Use a different soap that has no gloss enhancers or wax such as optimum car shampoo.  You should get that water behavior.  

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Thanks for the reply! I will try that this weekend and see what happens, it was goldclass on the BMW.

With the ONR, I did wash and dry the entire vehicle, then just to test the beading I used a hose on the hood and fender but still didn't get the results I was expecting and have seen.

Is there any over the counter soaps you can recommend that I could find at a big box store? I usually buy my supplies online, but would like to give it a wash Saturday. 

Thanks again!

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Received an email from Optimum after they viewed this post. They are working with me to ensure I am happy and to help figure out what, if anything, went wrong with my coating.

They have given me a few tips and things to try. I will give them a go and see what happens. Happy with their customer service thus far!

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They had mentioned the fact that the Ultimate Compound used on the BMW is quite oily, and thought that maybe it hadn't been all removed. I did go over the vehicle twice with IPA and multiple clean microfiber towels, but maybe that wasnt enough. 

He had suggested wiping the cars down again with IPA and recoating with the remaining Gloss Coat. 

I did this yesterday but only had enough product for the one car. It seemed to go on well, so I'll see in a week when I can wash it again. Fingers crossed for the one car!

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Great effort from you and Optimum to resolve it.

That is quite a lesson, right?

I recall some detailers using finish cleaners with butyl acetate in order to get everything off the paint after polishing since IPA alone wasn't getting everything off the paint from the polish/compound.

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Optimum created Paint Prep because we found that IPA was an imperfect decontaminate prior to ceramic coating.  Polishes not named Optimum frequently have oil that works as a filler, but also disrupts ceramics from bonding.  Many times the bonding issue wasn't evident immediately but showed up over time as beading and gloss was reduced.

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