ONR, BRS And AutoGlym Instadry?


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1 hour ago, No Soap said:

Don’t know what that is but if it has the capability to get the dirt deep into the cloth so that the wiping won’t drag the dirt on the surface, it could be ok?

Yeah I was thinking something along the same line, but wanted to know about experience others have with it.

They say it's Microfiber "With PVA-Coated Fibres", but it seems to be very tighyly woven (No/low pile).

So dirt would probably not really be absorbed into the towel, moreso stay on top. This would really test the ONR wash solution and the BRS.

On another note: couldn't a "normal" microfibre towel be used in the same way? Meaning: used for multiple cars, wring out, clean in ONR wash Solution in case of excessive soiling/dirt.

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2 hours ago, Setec Astronomy said:

Who thought chamois would make a comeback?  Sure you can use any microfiber towel you want for drying, some will be better than others, some a lot better.

I'm not familiar with that Instadry, but I sure wouldn't use a chamois (synthetic or otherwise) today.

Hahaha who figured indeed. And you are very correct, I'm thinking it would work, but would most likely cause marring, unless ONR is some miracle product.

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