Shower Cleaning with Optimum Products... You know to make the gf happy...

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I've wondered how Opti-Glass would fare being used on shower doors, porcelain sinks and toilet bowls?  As "warm-up", I'm experimenting with the new formula Hyper-Seal in those locations.  So far, the Hyper-Seal  (unlike the SIO2 spray-ons I've tried (TurtleWax, NuFinish, Apex resheet, etc.))  actually fends off hard water rings and makes cleaning easier.  Would Opti-Glass provide more resistance and handle the occasional scrub brush better?   FYI my car's windshield has one of the two - part glass coatings on it, which works OK but isn't all that great at resisting bug guts: unknown whether Opti-Glass would be a better " topper" than the 2 - parter's own "maintenance" treatments.

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Update:  found that new formula Opticoat Hyper-seal does a good job fending off stuff in toidy bowls but didn't last all that long on sinks (was hoping it could help keep metal drain surfaces clean but it only lasted a week).

Now having OptiCoat glass coat, I'm curious how long I need to wait for it to fully cure after applying.  The product label suggests 2 minutes are the window for applying and leveling (it warns that if  high spots are left, only polishing will remove them).

As for my car, it currently has Glassparency on all the windows, so I am not sure OptiCoat glass coat would adhere to that (Glassparency has proven OK but nothing special and needs top offs every 3 months).

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For that matter, does OptiCoat glass seal adhere well to __clean grout__?  Grout is mostly sand/silica, and the typical "grout sealers" usually last a very short time.  I realize it's definitely an "off label" use, but am curious.

FYI I'm surprised how primitive the other available coatings are for various home products like showers, sinks, glass windows, etc.  It seems silly to rip out older glasswork/porcelain work if there were some good products that could recoat them.

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Yes I know that the uses I've mentioned here are "off label".  Still, homeowners like preserving existing glass/porcelain if possible: they're few "modern" options - most use Carnauba wax.  Replacements cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

My focus here's on Optimum products that are designed to bond to glass and silica based materials.

Will post results of my tests later.

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