Best opti-coat maintennce products to start with

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I've been considering getting some of the Opti-Coat products to properly care for my Opti-Coat Pro+ but am somewhat confused as some of the products seem to overlap others.

At present the only Opti-Coat product I have is the HyperSeal.   My Optimum products are Opti-Seal and ONR.

My hunch that Opti-Coat No Rinse, M-Wash, FerreX and MDR would be a good additional set to start out with.  Am I missing something or is that set a good one?

My understanding is the Opti-Coat products are primarily designed to work with ceramic coatings, while the Optimum line is more general purpose.  If I am wrong please let me know?

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no, your exactly right - Opti-Coat and Optimum brand products work on all surfaces, but the OC line provides superior performance on ceramics.  FerreX and MDR are specialty products formulated for specific problems (not every day use).  Other products to consider are Power Clean, a really good all purpose cleaner that can decontaminate, a tire product (I prefer Opti-Bond gel), and interior protection - Protectant Plus (provides cleaning with UV/stain protection). 

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Thnx for info, Ron.  How do M-Wash and Power-Clean differ from each other ? 

And yes, I won't be using MDR or FerreX frequently, but probably every 3 - 4 months corresponding with the vehicle's Glassparancy maintenance.

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6 hours ago, Lowejackson said:

M Wash is the traditional shampoo whereas Power Clean is an All Purpose Cleaner

If I could only have one of the two   (Power Clean  or  M_wash), which would work the best on a Pro+ vehicle?

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