First time using Optimum Polishes

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Like the title says, I recently got my first order of Optimum polishes, beinig Hyper compound (A GALLON!) and intensive polish.

My experience is limited to using Mezerna 300  and the new Rupes line-up for the past year, for about 40 cars or so.

So first time using Optimum polish;

HOLY $#@&!

A totally different experience, MUCH easier to work with. Where the traditional polishes are often difficuilt to evenly spread around, and can dry out or dust, OPT polishes are amazingly foolproof.  I genuinly think it cuts my polishing time in half, or even more. Very easy to spread, easy wipe-off, great working time, little dusting (hyper compound MF Pad), fast application, to name a few. My IK trigger sprayer did seem to struggle a bit with Hyper compound.

Haven't compared cut yet, but you can feel the grit in the Hyper Compound. The car I worked on today had basically unscratchable paint. Hyper Compound on a 6'  MF Pad, XFE 7-15 speed 3, didn't do a lot. On the black pillars, it did cut very well.

I was flying over the car, this is a(nother) game-changer for me. Thank you, Dr. G!

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