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Like the title says, I recently got my first order of Optimum polishes, beinig Hyper compound (A GALLON!) and intensive polish.

My experience is limited to using Mezerna 300  and the new Rupes line-up for the past year, for about 40 cars or so.

So first time using Optimum polish;

HOLY $#@&!

A totally different experience, MUCH easier to work with. Where the traditional polishes are often difficuilt to evenly spread around, and can dry out or dust, OPT polishes are amazingly foolproof.  I genuinly think it cuts my polishing time in half, or even more. Very easy to spread, easy wipe-off, great working time, little dusting (hyper compound MF Pad), fast application, to name a few. My IK trigger sprayer did seem to struggle a bit with Hyper compound.

Haven't compared cut yet, but you can feel the grit in the Hyper Compound. The car I worked on today had basically unscratchable paint. Hyper Compound on a 6'  MF Pad, XFE 7-15 speed 3, didn't do a lot. On the black pillars, it did cut very well.

I was flying over the car, this is a(nother) game-changer for me. Thank you, Dr. G!

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So after using the polishes some more, I've really enjoyed the experience so far. Especially Intensive polish has been great to use, sprays beautifully, working time is astonishing, cuts well. Haven't compared directly to say, Rupes fine, but I think it's a bit more difficult to get a comparable finish with intensive polish.

Hyper compound I now often use with a FLEX PE 14-1, RPM always below 900, with an 8' wool Meguair's pad. Cut is absolutely in-sane. I think comparable to 5000 grit sandpaper, with matching finish. Have a look at the finish it leaves behind on a BMW metallic black paint.

The car, bad picture... (after polishing):


The state:


The finish:


Sadly, my distributor has not been able to supply Hyper polish yet. But I wonder if this would have removed this finish? Either way, I'm very eager to try OHP!

I followed this up with the FLEX XFE 7-15 and Intensive polish on a 6' rupes yellow pad. This left micromarring, which would be largely removed using Rupes UNO Protect.

I'm having some trouble with Hyper Compound though, with somewhat inconsistent cut (from a fresh pad), and sling. Also it doesn't spread around as oily/nice as Intensive polish? I would like to hear other people's experience with OHC! How do u use it? What finish does it leave? How do you correct that?


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Thanks for the update @Heijneker, the OPT polishes are one of the products I've never got to trying as my current was in very good condition. Saying that on Thursday I'm picking up a new to me 2017 Subaru XV (Crosstrek for my American friends) and that will need a polish so I've been looking into these polishes a little deeper, always nice to hear first-hand experiences.

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@LostVulpine If you already have great polishes, stick to them. Time for new polishes, get OPT! So after a bit of time, I got to compare OPT intensive Polish to Menserna 2500. Menzerna 2500 came second in a comparison test from Forensic Detailing Channel, so a high quality polish.

Application, the spray polishes on average are much easier to apply. Both to the pad, as on the panel, since the pad doesn't have to be primed. This saves around 10 seconds per polishing set, which adds up. However, the sprayers sometimes don't co-operate, which loses quite some time. However, OPT polishes just DON'T dry out! They are so very nice to work with during polishing. A win for OPT!

Correction, both used with a Rupes 6' Yellow foam pad on a FLEX XFE 7-15. This was about the same in my experience. Maybe a slight edge to Menzerna.

The finish, both used with a Rupes Yellow Foam 6' pad. Menzerna did finish down nicer without micromarring. Intensive polish had a bit of micromarring. So a slight edge to Menzerna.

Removal, the difference here is MEGA. To me, no other polish, has come even close to the wipe-off of OPT products. This saves an incredible amount of time and (mental ) energy. A BIG win for OPT.

As for the Hyper Compound:

I have since changed my wool pad from the 8' meguair's wool pad to the Lake Country 6.5' foamed wool pad. (The Meguair ones are awesome for the Nathan Flannal Rotary Seat cleaning method!)

The Lake Country one is a lot easier to control on a rotary and made a huge difference in finish, without diminishing cut as far as I know. Also works a lot better in combination with Hyper compound. The products starts out looking very chalky, but as you work it, becomes a clear film. It spreads around very well and wipe off is incredibly easy. Leaves a lot of holograms, which to me shows that it's working very well!

It does dust up for me, but I don't use a pad washer for the wool pad, just a spur. Using a pad washer would reduce that for sure.

Glad I've got a gallon, cause I LOVE to use it this way!

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