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Hey All, 

I sometimes experience some problems when using Hyper Compound. It causes weird staining on occassion, see pictures below:



Situation: car was washed with ONR and dried. I used Hyper Compound on a 6.25' OPT Orange Waffle Pad and the Zentool 21E2 on speed 2. Pad had been cleaned with Power Clean 6:1, than ran through the New Optimum Pad Washer with ONR. Residue was removed with damp ONR cloth and dried. The staining can only be removed by polishing. I've tried several times, this keepa happening.

And this isn't the first time this happened. What's causing this and how do I prevent it from happening? I shook the bottle well, and it has some stainless steel nuts in it.

Thanks in advance!

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Guess I didn't shake hard/often enough, the Hyper Compound had settled in the bottle and gunked up. The nuts were even stuck on the bottom. So I shook the bottle a lot, poured it back in the gallon, shook that, poured it back in the sprayer, shook that, and repeated this a couple of times. Then changed the sprayer for a new one.

The Hyper compound is now a lot clearer when working it. But still it turns white and dries out during cutting and stains the panel.

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Hey Ron, too bad. I'll just try shaking it a lot more again, hopefully that will somehow resolve it. Maybe my Hyper Compound is somehow slightly defective. Since it also dusts a lot when used on a big wool rotary, or a zentool 21e2 with the Hyper wool pad.  Especially the last one, the cut is astonishing with that combination though. In my use it cuts way more than the rotary.

I'll keep you updated, still have half a gallon to go of this batch lol!

Off-topic: Right now I love to use the rotary with the big wool pads on vertical panels, and the Zentool 21E2 with the Hyper Wool pad on horizontal panels. Both barely raise the temperature on the panel, which is awesome.

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  • 2 months later...

A small update on this problem. I have since then shook and shook and shook the Hyper Compound. I then heated it up and shook it some more. I don't experience the dusting anymore, but I only use RUPES blue wool with the Zentool 21E2. The main reason why the staining happened, is due to the paint. This is a silver metallic 92' Honda Civic. It happens on all horizontal parts and most vertical panels. Except for the right-hand rear quarter panel, which has had a repaint. Hyper Compound works flawlessly on there. Using an Orange Waffle Pad also fixes the problem on the horizontal panels. But I don't feel like it has a very effective cut compares to wool pads.

The staining and compound gumming happens with all polishes I've tried (different brands as well), bar Hyper Polish and Intensive Polish to a lesser extent.

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And since the Hyper Compound has been fixed, I decided to do a little 2-step correction and comparison.

The car is a 93' Volvo 240 station, so lots of paint to cover! I used Hyper Compound with the Zentool 21e2 and the ShineMate EX620 6/21, with Rupes Blue wool and Optimum Hyper Wool pad. Leaving the compound residue, I then polished with the FLEX PE 14-1 180, a 3M Black Finishing Waffle pad and Hyper Polish. Wipe off with ONR damp towel, and dried with TRC Twist 'n Shout. Gave a good cut and a great finish on this hard paint, I might add some photos later.

I compared it to Sonax Cutmax, which is an awesome compound. No dusting, easy wipe-off great results. It had considerably less cut compared to Hyper Compound but a great finish. It didn't require a refining step on this paint.

I then applied Opti-Seal, left it to cure for three hours and wrapped it all up with Optimum Car Wax. Great beading and sheeting action!



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  • 2 weeks later...

Well this was quite unexpected, but I've managed to fix the gumming up and staining issue Hyper Compound was causing on this particular Honda Paint!

Basically what I did was: I shook the Hyper Compound some (a lot) more 😂. And basically following OPT protocol.

I left some more ONR in the Hyper Wool pad. When using the Optimum Pad Washer and the Zentool 21e2, I just use speed 1 to spindry the pad, untill it stops vibrating. One Spray of Hyper Compound. This also leaves a better finish than it did before. I was getting deep marring that took more effort to polish out. Now I follow up with Orange Waffle pad or Rupes Blue Wool with Hyper Polish and remove the marring quickly to a perfect finish.

Finally!!!!! I'm so happy!!

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Yeah it sure is, Ron! It cuts like crazy and you need to take care removing the micro-marring. I used it on this wreck of a car today:


It had very soft and completely destroyed paint. I then took it a step further and wrecked it some more with an abused clay cloth. Hyper Compound with the Hyper Wool and Rupes Blue wool pad on the Zentool 21e2 cleaned it up amazingly well though;


Then with the Orange Waffle pad or the Rupes yellow foam pad and Hyper Polish, I could just about get it marring-free. I had to be thorough with the Hyper Polish, but the results were; 





Awesome! (It's still an ugly car with trashed paint, but some bits look good!) As you can see in the last picture, there is still some micro-marring. This is because I wasn't consistent enough with my finishing polishing on that door and didn't polish that bit enough.

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