Just had Opticoat Pro installed and there are now swirls all over my car


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Thank you. Today the detailer (not the admin team) didn't quite say that the swirls are normal. He claimed that a inspection after 7 days to see how the coat was adhering was normal and it was normal to fix any minor imperfections then. He did not imply my car had "minor" imperfections at least. The swirls are literally all over my car. He seemed to know what he was talking about but fell short of admitting whoever put it on did a terrible job. He did say he could buff it out and redo it. 

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I got my car back around 8pm with Opticoat attempt #2. They thought they fixed it but it isn't fixed. I eventually saw "spiderwebs" under the light in the parking lot. They suspect the issues are with the actual paint because of the dealer car wash. (This doesn't explain the swirls on my black vinyl though) Others (including me) says it looks more like something from a polisher since many are round centric. Either way they didn't catch it before they reapplied the opticoat.  And they admitted they should have seen it.

Thursday it goes back again for attempt 3. (I'm off work for the holiday.) They said they will try compounding it (heat)/ 2 step paint correction and spot check first. But it is definitely going to be harder now under 2 opticoat attempts.

The installer did admit that the results I got were not normal. And what I had was not what they were referring to by swirls as part of the curing process.  It really does seem like they are going to do their best to correct it. We had a nice conversation after we discovered the "spiderwebs" on my hood after (and elsewhere) were not gone after attempt #2.  I do believe they really care about the outcome.  They also said they have been communicating with Opticoat about the issue. And bought all new pads/towels/etc to try to identify what caused the issue in the first place. (I am now over my "angry" phase.) 

Fyi another person on a Hyundai Kona fb group said he had a similar thing happen to him. Detailer thought it looked great inside but under natural light he saw swirls all over. The detailer had to use a 2 step polish to correct it. Sonnax brand was all he remembered.  I shared that info with the installer in case it helps.

Pic is the spiderwebs from attempt #2


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I realize this is probably your first stop at a detailing forum, but speaking as someone who has been around detailing forums for 17 years now, your complaints/problems are just standard dealer prep/detailer issues.  Most dealers and detailers, as a famous internet detailer says, "don't  know a swirl from a squirrel", much less how to correct them or prevent them from happening in the first place.

It's a little disappointing that an Opti-Coat installer would fall into that category, but I guess not surprising.  Hopefully things will be resolved to your satisfaction.

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can't agree with you, Setec, Optimum is very careful who it authorizes and experience at paint prep is what we look for.  There are over 400 authorized US OCP installers and we have very few complaints/warranty issues.  What can happen (and does) is detailers hire help that may be less experienced in prep and mistakes are made. Optimum ALWAYS stands behind their products and has paid for re-installs even when it's not the products fault. 

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My car is back and all has been fixed. It actually went in yesterday because it is supposed to rain tonight and I don't have a garage. 

The installers had to do a 2 step paint correction to get all the swirls out. They did a test spot first to make sure it would work before they did the entire car.

They went out of their way to try to make the 3rd round as painless as possible and even came and picked my car up from work (so I wouldn't miss another day). I am only 10-15 min away depending on how many red lights you hit.

It shouldn't have taken 3 tries but they really did stand by their work.

Thank you all for the sanity checks and info!

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