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I was pretty heavy into detailing back from 1996-2001. Back then it was just Meguiar's for me. I wasn't aware of much else, aside from whatever our local pb&e shops were selling. 


Around 2008 I got back into it. Mostly just hand waxing my neighbor's vehicles in exchange for him mowing thr lawn. In 2011 I got a Porter Cable 7424xp, and everything changed. 


Since then, I've learned what kind d of companies I enjoy supporting, and those are the ones who conceive, formulate, create, and sell their own products, opposed to those who re-label from a big chemical blender. 


ONR was an obvious choice for me due to it's popularity. From there I picked up Opti-Seal and Car Wax. I had those products on the shelf for a few years, going back as far as 2015 or so. 


This past summer of 2021 saw me order almost ever consumer product available, and I can say why - it was because I remember one summer where I was testing Opti-Seal. I went to wash my car with ONR, and the dirt just jumped off the car. My problem was that I didn't like the water behavior of Opti-Seal (more on that later). In 2020 I took a job that had me installing miserable pro coatings that were insanely difficult and unyielding to work with. I decided then that Gloss Coat would be my coating in my own operation. 


Since I got to know the Optimum line I've been able to get the performance I was wanting out of Opti-Seal. I have it on my car, my mom's car, my gf's old truck that I bought, and her new Jeep Sahara has it on the wheels and windows (the paint got Gloss Coat, naturally). I have been very pleased with Opti-Seal's performance so far this winter that I think  it can handle winter tasks going forward. 


One thing that surprised me was the efficiency of the spray on polishes with Optimum pads and the LC pad washer 4000. Wow. While I still need to experiment more with the big guns that is Hyper Compound, and Intensive Polish - Hyper Polish, and GPS are excellent, and very easy to use. 


So that's the short reason on the why and how I ended up here. I'm a huge fan of a former associates tutorials, and he spent a lot of time here.  Even more so, it was a brief phone conversation with Ron that pushed me over the edge to sign up back in July of 2021. 



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