Intensive Polish dusting Fixed!


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I was experiencing troubles with Intensive Polish dusting and leaving lots of residue. It seems this was due to using Power Clean as a pad cleaner pre-spray, and the Lake Country 4000 with ONR 256:1. 

I've exchanged Power Clean with my preferred free & clear laundry detergent (Neutral colour). Since then, it acts just like Hyper Polish, except it has an insane amount of cut. It never dusts or leave a lot of residue, just feels like a very oily polish that never dries out.

Hope it works for others too!

Another problem I'm experiencing:

With the Zentool 21e2, the pads get too heavy with use and the polisher gets too imbalanced. I use Rupes Blue wool and Optimum Hyper wool pads. Even after cleaning them with the pad washer, it doesn't completely fix it. How do I prevent this from happening or how do I fix it?

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