6oz to 1Gallon APC Dilution

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Dr.G's new video was the first I had heard of using ONR at such a strong dilution since it used to be preached that 256:1 was the ultimate dilution and any more than that was simply wasting product. I don't doubt Dr.G knows how his product works, and 21:1 (that's the dilution rounded) would make a great eco-friendly APC---with that being said, I am plum out of ONR and want to know of other's experience with using 21:1-16:1 as an APC for nastier interiors, carpet cleaning, windows [Dr.G mentioned using it at a stronger dilution for windows which I know 256:1 works great for but I do not always have a gallon mixed up in a bucket] and general cleaning on all surfaces.

Have you all experienced a noticeable cleaning power increase at stronger dilutions?

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I've mentioned 1:16 many times on this Forum for pre-spray and quick detailer - it's not really a degreaser but I find it effective on heavier dirt/grime and winter buildup. Dr G did mention 6 oz to a gallon several times, he recommends it as a glass cleaner and I find the stronger ratio works on the film that builds over time on outside windows. 

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