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Not that I post a lot but it’s been slow here for a while. Everyone in my boat I’m guessing. Enthusiasts who work all day and it’s cold and dark when we get off. Then don’t want to have to heat up our garage with our propane heater. I’m watching the weather every day. If I see a 50 plus degree day I’m planning my rinseless washing schedule between our two cars. The weather has been non wet too for quite some time so the car isn’t NEEDING washed. No bugs either.  Our weather forecast isn’t motivating me to get too excited either.


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I haven't been doing my share to keep information flowing.  I have new products to sample and planned to test on my son-in-laws car over Christmas, but got sick and haven't recovered yet.  I'm am very rarely ill and it SUCKS when it happens.  Just before we traveled for the holidays I tried a new method - I used ONR in quick detailer mix, followed by Ultra Ceramic Seal. The car was pretty clean and the combination worked great... and was way easy/fast. More information to come -

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Sometime early last week or so I got both of my cars done with Green ONRWW. I followed that up with the spray car wax. One car is still glowing as it hasn’t been driven since. The other still holding up with the lack of rain. We had some and it is dull but the upper half is still shining.

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I just washed my car yesterday has been to cold and wet the last couple of weeks so the paint was nasty.  I used my ik pro 12 sprayer with onr you can pressurize this thing to 60 psi .  Sprayed the hole car then rinsed I got maybe half the dirt off. Another layer of onr then washed with microfiber wash mitts. Oid as drying aid the temperature  was maybe 1c work great . 

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Well FYI I managed to wash the car, clay it and polish it after probably god knows how long....ONR wash, clay and then I tried 3D Speed but soon switched to OPT GPS coz its way quicker to get around the car with it...I cant praise it enough...GPS removes like 60% of swirls in 1 pass on a CG hex green or even white pad and vanishes into paint so there is very little wipe off needed.  Wiped off and sealed with opti seal.

The car is once again shinny and clean looking.

Love it!

Temps were high at around 10 deg C or around 50 F if that means something to somebody.

Take care

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