ONR in the Poconos, salt, sand and mud.

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I saw that scottwax was starting to make newer videos.  Decided to comment on a video and had said that its amazing what ONR will take off without issues.  Ended up going back and forth and told him I'd make a video washing my truck after driving 75 miles through snow, sleet, ice and.... salt.  
I forgot a bunch of stuff in the video and I've never really made a video online for someone other than family.  I watched it several times and thought this might be something that would help people be a bit more comfy with what ONR can do.   I do wash our vehicles once per week or once every two weeks depending on the weather.  Wasn't able to wash my truck until today, crappy weather mixed with aches and pains of snowblowing 1/2 mile of driveway on Sunday.  

Anyway this is my "attempt" at a video lol 

I might drive around next week "more snow" just to get it dirty again to try to explain some more stuff in another video.   Little things like using the green brush for the front and rear bumpers, tires and wheels etc and why I don't go to the car wash and use a bay to blow all the salt off.  


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Thank you for making this video.  Surprisingly I still get regular calls from new ONR users and this time of year they ask will it work on winter sludge...They've read reviews and had recommendations but for some it's still a leap of faith to move away from rinsing.  I tell them my vehicles have never been too dirty for ONR but I hear the doubt in their voices. You'd be amazed how many use ONR and still rinse their cars, both before and after...

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On 1/13/2024 at 3:03 PM, Setec Astronomy said:

Why did you have 3 different types of wash media?  Do you prefer a specific type for specific areas of the vehicle?  Or was that just to demonstrate different types for the purposes of the video?

I use 2 different types of wash media, first I use a sponge afterwards a MF wash mitt.

A sponge I use first to get rid of the heavy dirt, most often on the lower parts of the car like leaves and mudd for example. The sponge easily releases dirt from itself so it gets clean again, but Ive noticed that a sponge doesnt remove ALL dirt so thats where a MF wash mitt comes into play which removes fine dust particles still left on the paint.

So basically I wash my car twice in one go but for a cleaner finish before I dry.

So maybe thats why HotTuna uses 3 different wash media...or he is just testing out which one works best for him. Dont know

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The only product that optimum  makes that i dont like is this sponge . I just like microfibers I can see the dirt I am picking up when dirty I just use another clean  one to me it's just foolproof and the microfiber gets into small areas.  One good thing about the sponge is it holds a lot of liquid if you just want to soak the paint with onr .  To get that heave dirt and salt off I can get alot off with my pressurized pro 12  ik filled with onr.  If I was doing mobile detailing i would have two of these. One filled with water to rinse another with onr.   I have a small  12volt compressor that would easily  pump these up to 60psi.  If there is no water then I would bring them filled even with warm water.  Hmm got me thinking. 

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