New ONR w/Carnuba Review

Steve H

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I was luckyI enough to get to see Doc G at SEMA this year and he was gracious enough to give me a small sample of the new Optimum No Rinse with Carnauba. I promised him I would use it soon and post a review here, so, here it is. My test Corolla, which is in the Opti Seal Video, had not been cleaned since the day before the trip to Las Vegas so I would guess it had proably close to 500 miles since it's last washing.


Initial Observations:

1) Packaging- The 8oz bottle I have is the same 8oz size that other products come in. The labeling looks great, and the intsructions are clear.

2) Smell - Since I promised Doc G I would't drink any more ONR, I will admit that I kept my promise. However, the new ONR w/Carnauba (ONRWC) smells incredible! It's a mixture or watermelon, coconut, and angel's breath. Well okay,, maybe not the last part, but it smells really really nice.

3) Dilution- I used the standard 1 oz to 1 gallon ratio. This formula is SLICK. Not "fake" slick lick a silicone detail spray, but more akin to a good car soap with lots of lubricity.

4) Shine- I have been a ONR user for a while and have grown accustomed to the shinee it leaves behind. I think, personal opinion, that the addition of carnauba to the ONR now gives the car "warmth" in addition to shine.


I will be posting some videos shortly of my using the product, but for now let me just say that the wait for the product will be/is well worth it. I think am going to play around with dilution ratios for a QD and will report on my results then. I think using this as a QD for door jambs areas and such will negate the need for any car scents since as I said before...IT REALLY SMELLS GOOD!!






















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Hi there i have just purchased some and i have a question about your wash method.


From the top your 4th and 5th photo shows a dirt roof or the car to then a wet one. Since the car was dirty did you presoak and then wash or did you just straight away was with the panel dry?


If you did do it from dry did it scratch or marr in anyway?


Im just trying to work out to process for the moment before i do my first ONRW or ONR for that matter. I have always used traditional soap and 2BM



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Another interesting review from a detailer in UK. Look through the funny accent and you get a decent first user review:



The thing I noticed he did wrong was:

- too much product causing smears

- not enough confidence in the product

- wrong choice of wash mitt (just my opinion)

- he did another wash off camera (for what reason I dont know).

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thanks for posting, A&J, and an interesting video. As you point out, he used way too much ONRWW and that created extra work. His recommendation to use the mitt and drying towels with light pressure was right on. I've washed some pretty dirty vehicles with ONR and with no problems, but obviously a power washer provides additional water pressure for hard to reach areas. The Civic Model R is not available in the US, a little too Boy Toy for me, but competition for STi's and Evolutions?

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