OPC to clean carpets?

primo spaghetti

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How do you remove opc from the carpets?


Ideally with a wet/dry machine. After cleaning spray water onto the surface and use the extractor to remove the solution. Alternatively you could use a damp sponge or cloth and then give a quick wipe with a dry cloth to make sure as much of the liquid has been removed or use the dedicated Optimum carpet cleaner (I have not tried it)

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Guest Jgarcia

Thanks for the response.

I bought a shop vac and to my surprise it suck all the water out, the vac is a ridgid 5hp, the carpets looks very clean.

I used vinegar to remove salt stains and then o carpet cleaner, it worked like a charm. Carpet are stain free now and I am talking serious caked on salt.

Anyway, very happy with the optimum products, they help me simplify my steps.

I really like opc on plastics.

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I think there is only Meguiars with those complimentary cleaners, not used them but they sound good. I have used ONR with a wetvac and it does work very well but does have some limitations, what is also nice is any residue will not do any damage to the fabrics.


Aside from the obvious suggestion for the dedicated OPT carpet cleaner I wonder if ONR would act as a Power Clean neutraliser however this is just a guess

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