ONR as tire dressing?


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Well, from what I understand, you can use IUDJ as a tire dressing, I can use orange juice as a tire dressing, that doesn't mean that either of them are any good as tire dressings.


Maybe Dr. G will answer this, but I'm pretty sure he would suggest you use one of his tire dressings for that.


If I'm not mistaken Mr. Dean started suggesting using IUDJ for about every detailing chemical application on the vehicle...when IUDJ was his only product.

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Good points. I'm a faithful Opti-Bond user and now plans of changing that.


That said I do have some IUDJ on order just because I'm curious. And the recommended dilution ratios seem really too good to be true.

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12 hours ago, Ron@Optimum said:

depending on what you expect from a tire dressing - other than cleaning, I don't see any durability or much shine from ONR on tires.

I was thinking the same...other then that ONR will clean the black plastics I dont really see ONR doing much else. Its not a dressing.

Now Im not just saying this without trying it. I did use ONR today on some black plastics. I used it neat on a mf applicator and "dressed" the plastics and other then that it just cleaned it I diddnt see it do anything much to plastics...no blackening, no difference whatsoever. It looked stock as I expected it to be in the first place.

Opti seal on the other hand can be used as a protectant. That leaves behind a protected slick antistatic surface that actually beads water quite nicely.

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On the other hand, I use ONR as an interior cleaner every wash.  It's not a "dressing" and I usually follow up with Protectant Plus as a treatment for leather and plastic.  I have used Opti-Seal on damaged interior vinyl to darken it and reduce future UV fading....never tried on tires.

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