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Hi guys,

Do not know what happened yesterday but the forum was down on my end. I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms because I miss my optimum fix. Lol. Glad u guys are back.

back to my question. I was listening to the podcast today about decon wash fro Yvan. I have not done it but I think it's time.

yvan says to use OPC on the bottom of the car and not on windows and top of the car. I have watched videos on guys putting OPC and car soap in a foam lance and foam the whole car.

i would like to spray the whole car including windows to clean the road film. The top of my car I can feel a bit of contamination as well.

happy that u guys came back


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Optimum does not recommend using Power Clean on glass, but when diluted with car soap in a foam lance and rinsed off, it is effective.  Undiluted and left to dry, PC can etch glass, and even diluted it can leave a film.  PC is an excellent decon product but needs to be used with care.

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Hi Ron,

Thank you for that information. So what I will do is to spray  OPC on the bottom half of the car then rinse out. After that I will apply ferrex to the whole car and rinse off. Should I use MDR on the whole car to make sure that all the oils and contamination especially some light water spots is gone?

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Yes, you can use MDR as part of a complete decon - Power Clean for general pollutants, FerreX for metal, MDR for mineral.  Power Clean can be used on headlights/taillights, but again be sure to rinse completely. 

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On this podcast episode Yvan and Dann speak about the chemical decon wash as well.  It is around the 20 min mark.

Here are the highlights. 


  1. Pre-Wash with ONR
  2. MDR at 3:1.  Safe to use around glass and trim.  Can be sprayed over the ONR surface.  Let dwell for 3-5 mins.  Do not let dry.
  3.  Agitate if heavily contaminated by using a microfiber towel (plush towel/long nap) that has been soaked in the ONR bucket.  Go around the entire vehicle with the towel on the ONR/MDR surface mix.  Do not place the towel back into the ONR bucket. 
  4. Power Clean at 3:1.  Keep it off glass.  Let it dwell for a couple minutes.  Agitate with a microfiber towel soaked in ONR.  Do not put towel back into ONR bucket.
  5. Rinse.  Rinse with hose water.
  6. Ferrex.  Can agitate with ONR damp microfiber
  7. Rinse.  Final Rinse. 

All steps do not have to be done.  Depends on how contaminated the surface is. 

I personally like use Ferrex as the first step on the dry paint even with dirt on the surface.  The reason for this is to get the full performance out of it instead of being diluted with water on the surface.  I will then rinse it with water to get all the ferrex off the surface.  Then depending on the contaminants, I would either use power clean and/or MDR.

Start with ferrex first.  That may be all you need to do.  There is also the mechanical decon using the wash, clay, wax method. 

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Thanks a bunch Ron and 'The Guz'. Were the guys talking about you 'The Guz' in the podcast? Anyway to me, you are 'The Man'. You have answered all my doubts in 1 reply. Great touch with the link to the podcast as well.

Thats what I love about this forum. We are 1 big happy family.

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