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What is the dilution for Opti Coat No Rinse for 1) wash 2) pre-soak 3) quick detailor

Is FerreX supposed to be sprayed on as a pre wash or wash and rinse?

Is Opti Coat Power clean just used to re-soak heavy dirt and caked on bugs or as a detailor? Just not sure if it’s application. 

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FerreX is a decontaminant product specifically for metal deposits, and should be used as a pre-wash, not a "wash & rinse" product.   Power Clean can also be used directly (not only with foam cannons) - 100% Power Clean is good for heavy duty cleaning (engines, wheels, etc), mixed 1;3 its good to decontaminate paint, remove tar/bugs, etc, and at 1;5 it cleans interior vinyl/leather/fabric.  Always wipe/rinse Power Clean off after application.

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A&J, Power Clean is safe at 3:1 according to Dr G but it would be wasteful not to water it down even further.  This is one of the nice things about Power Clean, at 3:1 it will clean wheels and leather safely.  No idea how this works but it is obviously very different to most other cleaners.  It is just a shame it is so expensive this side of the pond.

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A&J, nice to be back, just very busy in real life.  I agree with you and Yvan, using OPC at higher dilution rates is a good thing to do.  It uses less product as most of the time leather will not get as dirty as wheels or engines so a weaker dilution is more appropriate.  

Not sure when this was posted but it does talk about interior cleaning at 3:1 http://optimumpolytech.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/power-clean.html

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