Hyper paint correction - black Porsche Cayenne


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I have a 2011 Porsche Cayenne in Black that has some water spots from where a yard sprinkler sprayed it and got baked on in the sun and it also has some minor swirling.  I'm looking to get the paint cleaned up on it.

Any suggestions?


This would be my first time doing a paint correction but if I follow the process outlined in these couple videos and use the products/pads/tools mentioned would I be on the right track?  The videos make it look quite easy....or am in for a big surprise when I try it myself?

Here are the couple links I was looking at following:





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If not using the optimum pad washer what is the preferred method to wash the pad?  It sounds like I need to wash the pad between each panel correct?

Approx how many of each type of pad would I need to do my one SUV?

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Some installers blow out pads with compressed air or high powered water spray.  You can use ONR as a cleaner and a a wheel brush (or even old toothbrush) can be used to break up polish.  How often to clean or replace pads is dependent on how quickly they "pack up" with polish. 

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