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3 hours ago, dale.m said:

Is opti-clean strong enough to be used on tires or is power clean the way to go?

While it wouldn't be its strong suit, you could definitely use it on tyres if it was just a maintenance wash. I've used ONR, Optimum Instant Detailer, Power Clean and even Ferex to clean tyres and they all work, it's just it may take longer to get it clean with a more mild product.

If it's anything more than mildly dirty, a degreaser like Power Clean will always be more effective.

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Interesting, how about on wheels?

If I was planning on using Ferrex first outside on the wheels (spray, let sit, no agitation, rinse off with hose)

Then I was planning on bringing the car inside for washing, would Opticlean be sufficient to clean a wheel (pre-treated with Ferrex) if used with agitation? (e.g. wheel and body brush, EZ detail brush for barrel, wheel mitt, etc)

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I only use Power Clean for really dirty tires.  During normal washes I pre-spray with Opti-Clean or ONR at quick detailer mix (1 oz to 16 oz of water), when wash again with the normal ONR solution, followed by Opti-Bond.  I NEED to use Tire Protectant & Coating, but have been too lazy to do the thorough prep necessary.

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thanks i agree for tires i like straight power clean


for wheels though, i have found that straight power clean and opti clean are insufficient for heavy brake dust


so i’m looking for a two part solution for the wheels where i can utilize a stronger chemical outdoors without agitation (ferrex)


and then a milder chemical indoors with agitation but no running water (hopefully opticlean)

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Why don't you want to agitate the Ferrex?  As A&J suggested, I would use the Ferrex outside, with a good agitation and rinse, then bring the car inside and spray and wipe with the Opti-Clean to get rid of any water spotting.  Or are you going to pressure wash the Ferrex off?  If so it's possible you could skip the agitation.

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